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RepairAbout Repair

Please come visit one of our stores, or contact our Support Center to enquire about repairing your Hervé Chapelier Japon products.
We will have a look at the actual products, and will get back to you as soon as we can with quotation.

Some repair may be impossible depending on the condition of the product.
We will not accept any repair that involves modification from the original design.
We do not replace bag handles.
We do not accept any products for cleaning.

<Repair Quotation>

Parts to be changed or repaired Total price including VATNote
Re-Stitching JPY2,700 – JPY3,780
/one part
We will unstitch, then re-stitch the part where stitches became snag, and/or fell apart at the seams.
Price will depend on the length of where needs to be repaired.
Zip Closure Replacement JPY 5,400 – JPY 7,560 We replace the broken/separated zip closures including broken-off zipper pull
Shoulder Strap Repair JPY 2,700 – JPY 3,780 Price depends on the extent of damage.
Even when only one side of the shoulder strap requires repairing, the other side may also need to be repaired/adjusted to make sure that they are balanced in length.
 Above quotations are estimate, thus the cost may be slightly different depending on the condition and materials of the products.