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In Sunny Side Up Inc. (hereinafter called “the company”), we consider the protection of customers' personal information as an important social responsibility.
In order to provide safety in our website management and operations for all of our customers and clients, we have established the following privacy policy based on 'Sunny Side Up Inc. Personal Information Protection Policy'.

Application of Personal Information Protection Policy

Personal Information Protection Policy will be applied when customers contact the company, purchase company's products and/or subscribed for company newsletter.
All customers' personal information collected during the use of our website will be managed and treated according to our Personal Information Protection Policy.

Use of Personal Information

Other than using customers' personal information to provide better services, the company may also use customers' personal information that is collected ( including the order history) for following purposes. Customers' personal information will not be used for purposes other than the ones listed below.
(1) For the company to introduce new products or services to customers
(2) When the company represents the customers to make, review or change the order
(3) When the company responds to the customer's enquires
(4) When asking customers to provide feedback regarding the company's performance
(5) When the customer agreed for their information to be used after being contacted by the company
(6) When the company creates a demographic document of customers for the company's business purposes
(7) For the company to present and provide service and information that matches the customers.

Management and Safeguarding of Personal Information

In order to ensure the accuracy and safety of personal information, the company will maintain rational safety measure against management of data access and its legality, data handling, as well as possible leaked, lost, destroyed or modified data.
In the case of personal information leak, the company will come out with appropriate countermeasures including recurrence prevention as soon as possible.

Consignment of Personal Information

The company may consign the business activities to third parties in order to reach the disclosed objectives.
In such cases, the company will manage and supervise how the data is used and handled by the third parties.
(third parties include delivery company, printing company for sending direct mails, repo company in the case of unpaid invoice, etc.)

Disclosure of Personal Information to Third Parties

The company will not disclose any personal information to third parties, except for the following cases;
(1) When the company obtained the consent from customers.
(2) When notified by government offices and/or required by law.
(3) When personal information is disclosed to the subcontractors that manages this website.
In this case, the amount of data disclosure will be restricted only to what is necessary, and a contract with each subcontractor will be signed prior to disclosure, to ensure appropriate management of data.

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This data is collected under anonymity, and will never be used to identify individuals.
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