Herve Chapelier

Brand HistoryHervé Chapelier


Hervé Chapelier was born and raised in Biarritz, an elegant seaside town on southwestern France near Spanish border.
He spent his childhood surfing in the Atlantic Ocean under the clear blue sky.

After studying in Bordeaux and lived and explored around the USA for 2 years, 26-year-old Hervé Chapelier came back to Paris in 1976, and launched a bag brand named after himself.
The very first bags he designed was a vividly colored duffel bag, using a car seat belts as bag grips. Bright orange, yellow, fuchsia pink, red and purple colored bags caught peoples’ attention and became a big hit.

The high popularity of colorful day bags designed by Hervé Chapelier began back in 1980, when it became a hit among students in Lycee and Universite.

In 1985, Hervé had decided to broaden his designing style from American-casual bags made in the US, to making a boat-shaped tote bags in France.
Since then, over a million of his Made-in-France bags with his name embroidered have been sold worldwide.

In 2005, Hervé has added his first-ever luxe line, GP (Pebbled Grain Coated Canvas) into his collection.
With its enhanced elegance, GP line is now considered as one of the iconic bags in Hervé Chapelier.

What Hervé Chapelier bags fascinate people, are not only its beautiful colors, high quality materials or its clean shapes, but also a delicate combination of bright sunlight in Biarritz, sprits of Paris, freedom of USA, and most importantly, his well-defined life philosophy in designing bags.