myエブリデイエルベ Part1

Aloha🌈 ハワイ店のTomokoです emoji_tomoko

いつもブログを読んで下さりありがとうございます。 hiyoko1  最近のハワイは、日本からご旅行でいらっしゃっている方も多く見かけるよになって参りました。 usa1  とても嬉しいなと感じる今日この頃です usa_love


Aloha 🌈 This is Tomoko from the Hawaii store emoji_tomoko

Thank you for always reading the blog.  Recently in Hawaii, many people are traveling from Japan.  It’s around this time that I feel very happy usa_love

From this time on, I would like to introduce my Herve Chapelier bag, which each Hawaii staff uses almost every day, four times 📢

私のエブリデイエルベは、こちらの2797GP effel2

My Everyday Herve is here 2797GP effel2


As it is only in the GP series, the material is durable, so you do not have to worry about dirt and scratches, and there is sense of security that it is okay to get wet, so now I realize that it is easier to use than nylon pochette, both at work and in private. I love it.


The photo above is MASTIC, but I also have MOKA 💕


At work, I put it in the 725GP and go to work.


And at lunchtime, I’m glad to go out with only this pochette, saying “I’m going”.


Of course, it’s the same when I go for  walk or when I go out to eat delicious pancakes in my private life. I can’t let go of the pochette because my hands are open.


みなさまのエブリデイエルベはどのバッグでしょうか? usa1

In Hawaii, where sudden rain ☔ is common, GP material bags are really easy to use.

Which bag is your Everyday use Herve Chapelier bag? usa1

来週はAyaさん emoji_aya のmyエブリデイエルベのご紹介です effel2  どのバッグでしょうか?私も今から楽しみです💕

Next week,  Aya’s  everyday  Herve Chapelier bag emoji_aya

Which bag? I’m looking forward to it 💕




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