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How are you all reading the blog ?

I’m emoji_aya from Hawaii store.





Bag in Bagをご紹介しています

2885に貴重品を入れてバッグのまま701に入れるだけで心配が解消されるのです usa_wink

綺麗な色合いの701Cからちょこっと見える2885Fは遊び心があって楽しんで頂けると思います usa_love

Today, I would like to introduce popular items in Hawaii.

The 701 series and the popular 2885 series that can hold enough luggage even if it is small.

Bags that I usually use as single items.

It may be unique to the United Staes, but 701 has customers who are little worried about whether they can’t see thein side of the bag …..

I’d like to introduce you to bag-in-bag.

Just putting your valuables in 2885 and putting them in the bag in 701 will relieve your worries. usa_wink

I think the 2885F, which can be seen little from the beautiful color 701C, is playful and enjoyable. usa_love

それぞれ中に入るとポップで可愛いです usa1

If you put each one inside, it’s pop and cute. usa1

単品使い、Bag in Bag使い



オケージョンに合わせえて選ぶバッグをハワイ店スタッフ emoji_etsuko emoji_kanako emoji_tomoko emoji_aya が一緒にお手伝い致します

お店に見に来てみませんか gp_ani3

Single item use, Bag-in-Bag items use

You can enjoy both 701 series and 2885 series.

Would you like to try it ?

The Hawaii store staff will help you with the bags chosen according to the occasion.

Please come to the store to see it.

We are looking forward to seeing you.



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