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皆さんはどの形のGPがお好きですか? 前回の私のブログでは、お気に入りのGPカラーをご紹介させて頂いたので、今回は形にフォーカスしてみたいと思います piyo_smile GPシリーズのトートは全部で6種類。底の形はスクエアと長方形の2種類です。 gp_ani2

Aloha🌈 This is Tomoko emoji_tomoko. Hawaii is very hot these days, but the weather is very nice🌴 What type of GP do you like?  In my last blog, I introduced my favorite GP color, so this time I would like to focus on the shape. Currently, there are 6 types of GP series tote bag in total. There are two types of bottom shapes, square and rectangular.

まずは、Sサイズ スクエア 701GP piyo_smile

小ぶりながらも収納力があり、見た目も可愛さが魅力です 。

First of all, Small size square bottom 701GP. Although it is small, it has storage capacity and is attractive in appearance.

そして、Mサイズ スクエア 707GP 707gp_tarama


And Medium size square bottom 707GP. 707gp_tarama It is the most popular form in our brand. In my case, it also contains my notebook for work, my water bottle (750 ml), my lunch box, and my 2797 GP pochette containing valuables, so I use it not only for private use but also for work.


B5サイズ 長方形 704GPはいかがでしょうか? effel2


If you like  little thinner and you want to have it neatly, how about medium size rectangle bottom 704GP? effel2 There was  feeling that it was hidden behind the 707GP, but its popularity has skyrocketed!! It is easy to see because you can put your staff in nicely.


Lサイズ  スクエア 725GPはいかがでしょうか? usa_wink


There are other things you want to put in!  Large size is recommended! How about Square bottom 725GP? usa_wink It’s safe because you can put in anything without worrying about how to insert it. It is perfect that you can put your staff together for work or when you have lots of staff.

荷物も入れたいし、ラップトップも入れたい!すっきりしたシルエットがお好きな方には、A4サイズ 長方形 705GPがおススメです effel


If you want to put your staff and your laptop! And you like clean shape, the A4 size rectangle bottom 705GP is recommended. effel It looks smart even though it can hold  lots of staff. I think it’s perfect for work. There is neat feeling even if you match it with casual clothes.

そして、ロングショルダーがお好きな方には、A4サイズ 長方形 708GP piyo_smile


And for those who like long shoulders,A4 size rectangular bottom 708GP. piyo_smile The only long shoulders in the GP series. Many people fall in love at first look when the length and size of the straps are perfect. Very popular in Hawaii store.




GP series with abundant colors and sizes. There are many things that you may be curious about, such as “how much will it actually fit in?” And “what color will suit you?”, So please come visit us at your nearest Herve Chapelier store ❣

Hope you enjoy your day🌺 Mahalo,🌴


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